Citect 7.2 OPC connection issue

i have a Citect OPC DA where i can not connect it with another application.
While i am able to connect with OPC clients (like Matrikon's etc) when i try to connect with this application it says "Lost connection".
The application is installed in the same machine with the OPC server so it's probably not a DCOM issue. The user that i am running the other application is the OPC user.
The same application (with the same configuration) it is working on another OPC DA that i tried.
So i do not know if the issue is from the OPC or from the application.

Any ideas?
Hi again,
I found this in PI's forum (even though my application is not PI)

"it may be that the Citect server is seeing applications running as a service as remote connections, even if they are on the local machine.

You will need to edit the Citect.ini file in %ProgramData%, add the following section:



Then save the file and restart the Citect server."

Could that be a possilbe solution? I checked the parameter and it was set at 0.

Anyone knows how do I restart the OPC (Vijeo Citect 7.2) and not the whole server?