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I'm trying to communicate with Advantech ADAM 4018M with Citect Application. Tried to follow the procedure in the book (Citect 5 User Guide and Cicode Reference) but to no avail.
Communicating through the RS232 Serial Com Port. Can anybody help?
I don't know the ADAM protocol particularly well, and without more detail about what problem you are facing I can't really make any useful suggestions about using Cicode for this.

However, which version of Citect are you using? Recent versions of Citect have a native driver for the ADAM 4018 (together with a host of other ADAM devices) - if I remember correctly the driver was available in a driver pack update for Citect 5.20. If you speak to your local Citect sales/support they should be able to tell you more, otherwise give me a shout off-list and I'll see what I can find out.

I'd certainly recommend using a native driver where one exists, as there a lot of benefits which are built into the driver API (and
therefore into any native driver) that you would have to put some time into writing yourself.

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Hi Isham,

Have you already set-up a Port and Board under the Communications folder? The Board you set-up should have a name, board type (enter 'COMX' when
using serial port), an address (enter the number '0' here), and a special opt (enter the number '0' here). All other fields including the I/O port and Interrupt should be blank. You will then need to set-up a Port with a name, the name of the Board you just set-up, the port number (the com port the device is connected to), serial baud rate, data bits, parity, and stop bits.

Make sure you click FILE>PACK when you alter any existing records.

Hope this helps you. There's a Citect help forum as well but I'm not sure of the address.


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Hi there,

I have used Citect to communicate with ADAM4107
Module which is the analog version for the 4018 hence the command set is similar.
Some of the things that you have to check for are
If you're using the ADAM4520 (232-485) for PC Interfacing you have to make sure that the baud rate is set correctly to match the 4018 and the Citect Software. Default is 9600. In Citect you have to goto Communications->Ports and set the board rate to the desired value (Values over 56K may give you a buffer overflow so be careful). Then put the 4018 module into int* mode by shorting int* to ground and using the ADAM Utility software. Once set get the module out of int* mode
and then change the baud on the 4520 (note u have to open the module and change the dip sw from 2(default) to desired value.
Once this is done it should work if you're using 5.2 and make sure that you download the driver for ADAM from
The board rate of the 3 units must be the same for Citect to communicate properly!!!!!!