Citect comms to Siemens MP 270 soft plc


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Does anyone have information with respect to the Comms between Citect and a Siemens MP 270 soft plc?
There is no such thing as an MP270 Soft PLC. If you mean WinAC-MP, that Siemens product is the combination of an MP370 and WinAC (SoftPLC). If you are wanting to connect the Citect SCADA to the WinAC controller in the MP you have three ways of doing this.

1) Via Siemens MPI. This method is probably the least likely way because the port (IF1B) on the MP is probably already configured for Profibus because most likely you have remote I/O racks like ET200S or M connected to the MP.

2) This option is the easiest. The Citect SCADA will need a Profibus card installed like the CP5611 or 5613. You will need to install the SoftNet-S7 for Profibus. With this you can now configure Citect as an OPC client.

3) This option uses S7-Ethernet. You will need to have already configured your WinAC-MP controller with the IE General CP. You can connect ethernet to the built in port on the MP. You will need to install Softnet S7-Lean onto the Citect SCADA. Use OPC as well for this connection.