CNC position queries from RS-232?


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Bill Sturm

I am generally familiar with inputting a CNC program from a terminal to a Fanuc CNC. What I would like to know is if there is a way to send a
command and have the CNC return actual position, target position, velocity, current block...

I am not asking in regards to the newer "open" CNC platforms, but the old school Fanuc, A-B, Yaskawa, Indramat... From my view, the open CNC's are not very popular and most people want to standardize on Fanuc. (great for Fanuc, not so for everyone else)


Bill Sturm
the actual position, comand position, velocity are available in read only parameters. the controler wuold have to download the specific
addresses for the parameter you are looking for.

i don't know if this can be done while in auto mode during a cycle. posibly a macro?

the load info for the axis or spindle may not be in the parameters in the older analog drives. sometimes there is an analog output
available. you may need to add a shunt and isolated amplifier to get your own current signal.

hope this helps
good luck
Tim Davis
Hi Bill,

the only way to get to the information you want is to use for ex. COUSTOM MACRO B on Fanuc 0 T/M.In COUSTOM MACRO B you can put a code (for
ex.DPRINT XX) in a programm to send the datas to the RS 232.

Frank ( ex Fanuc engineer )