communication from catams tokyo keiso to data historian

dear all,
I am newbie of control system especially modbus connectivity.

currently we have project to connect tokyo keiso ATG using catams as a software and ifx 20000 as a interface unit. do you have any experience to retrieve that data using opc 3rd party like matrikon or kepware modbus connector? how to configure that.

thank you in advance
The IFX-2000 module spec sheet
lists 11 proprietary protocols (of which Modbus is NOT one) used to communicate to field tank level gauges.

You could check with the OPC server vendors to see if any of them have implemented a driver to talk to whichever protocol your tank farm uses.

Note item 3 on the CATAMS software spec sheet,
a tell-tale note if there ever was one:

In addition to standard CATAMS Windows, the following optionalfunctions are available on request;
1) Tank table registration
2) Custom made software
3) Data communication with DCS, PC, etc.

Note 3 tells me that data communication with anything else, DCS, PC, some database, needs to be addressed through the CATAMS software, unless some OPC server vendor has implemented a driver for whichever protocol is used for the tank level gauges.