Concept 2.5 MET parameter


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Chaus Sergey

Dear Sir! Anyone deal with Concept 2.5? Please give me detail description of MET parameter in Routing register 4x+4 (MBP on Ethernet (MET) mapping index).
That register is for the mapping index in a bridge you would like to use. For example, your first 4 address bytes are the IP address of a
Modbus TCP device or Modbus/Ethernet Bridge. The mappping index would be the mapping index in the bridge of where you would like to go. In
the Modbus Plus to Ethernet bridge, you set a table of Modbus Plus addresses you want to access from the Ethernet network. If you put a 5
in the map index, then it looks at entry 5 in the table. If that points to a MB+ address of, then that's the final destination for
communication. Look in the Concept help file on the MSTR command, it's supposed to be in there.