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Hello Readers,
I am working with a User of Honeywell IPC 620 Series PLC, Which he wants to communicate with Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix Systems.
Can Any body tell me What are the ways I can Suggest to the USer.
Is ModBus Card/ Port Available in IPC 620 Series?,
What is the Protocol this IPC 620 Series uses.
Also To know more about this IPC 620 Series PLC, What is the URL or the Website address, for findig detail Technical Information about this
The 620 PLCs use a card called a CIM for modbus communication.
I don't know of any on-line technical documentation, ours are all hardcopies -
1986 vintage.
The Honeywell user manual for that card is Form No. 620-8986:
IPC 620 Communications Interface Module - model IPC 620-0043.
A newer revision of the document should be included with the card.
- John
Hi Sagar,

Honeywell IPC 620 Series uses ABC protocol which is a protocol of Honeywell.You can have Modbus option in IPC 620 series using a CIM card
(Communication Interface Module).This card is available with Honeywell.

Intellution products FIX32 and iFix has direct drivers to IPC Series without Modbus option.I do not know much about Control Logix

Pls get back to me directly if you need more info.


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Daniel Rallo


Yes, there was a Modbus communications coupler for the IPC 620 Series. The reference was IPC 620-0043 CIM Module. But I don't know if somebody
still sells that.

The operation's manual reference number was FORM 620-89-86 (dated 1986)

You can ask Honeywell or Moeller in Germany, who brought the product in 90's.

Kind regards.

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If your client has certain processors in the IPC620 series, a comm port which will talk Modbus RTU is an integral part of the processor. The models are the 620-12, 620-1633 and the 620-36. I have successfully used both the 620-12 and 620-1633 on modbus networks within a Honeywell DCS. For all other processors in the IPC-620 you will have to use the CIM module. I have also not been able to find any on-line documentation, even on the Honeywell website.

If you are lucky enough to have one of the three processors listed above, The port is set up within the Processor configuration section of the programming software. Feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions about the configuration, pinouts, etc.

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Torulf Wiberg

The newer versions of the 620 family (620-12, 620-14, 620-16, 620-36) all have built in Modbus capable ports.


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