Connecting S5-95U with PC


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I have a SIEMENS S5-95U PLC , STEP5 v7.0 and an old PG 675 with no software. What to do? How can I connect PC with S5? How old STEP5 do I need (5,25" floppy is in PG675)? Thanks!
If you have step5 ver 7.?? software then you need to install this on a P.C. You will also need the P.C. to PLC connecting cable. this cable converts the P.C. RS 232 to the PLC TTY interface.

The part number for this converter is:- 6ES5 734-1BD20

The PG675 is a very old machine and uses the PCM(?) operating system .

Zan Von Flue

I have a feeling the PG is too old.
Try Siemens direct or a internet shop (i.e. ebay) for a version.
If possible try to install Win 3.11, then a version from IBH 2.11 S5 for windows. You should be able to exchange the 5 1/4 for a 3.5 -
or buy a cheap laptop and a version of s5 v7. The laptop doesn't need much power. A DX2-66 is