Connecting to CP1430TF via AS511!!


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My problem is when I want to transfer CP database file to CP1430TF, (com1430--> Transfer/FD-->CP), I get an error "CP Interface not ready
CP is switched off or break on cable from PG to CP or 'BREAK' on the interface or wrong path selected in path selection or the wrong interface is set in S5 KOMI"

I want to connect directly to CP from PC via TTY cable (AS511)(the cable to use for programming PLC).
Now what do I do?

Luca Gallina

You may need to check your cable type, does it work when connecting to the PLC's CPU? If it works on the CPU but not on the CP, then you probably own a passive cable.

S5 cards programming port is based on a 20mA Current Loop interface. The CPU port has some pins which provide power supply for the current loop,
hence you can use a passive (not externally powered) programming cable. On the contrary, CPs and other "intelligent" cards (WFs, IPs, etc.) do not provide any current supply so you must use an active (externally powered) cable.

You can use an off-the-shelf RS232/20mA converter or do it by yourself. In that case, look for "S5 PLCs (AS511) RS232-20ma TTY converter" at

Note: I assumed you're using a laptop or desktop PC, not a Siemens PG. Siemens PGs have an internal 20mA power source available via the custom (non standard pinout) serial connector.

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Luca Gallina
Hi Luca,
thanks for reply ;)
but is there anyway to be sure that the problem is my cable?? (pinout checking for example)
the only thing that I can say is I have +5v at PIN 14 ( because someone told me I need v.24 to TTY converter cable that feed external 5v powersupply to pin 14.

I want to be sure the problem is about cable and then buy or made it.

thanks again,