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I am curious if any of you would know why or have any sort of information on Fuji brand Contactors differ so much in price than say ABB or Allen Bradly other than Fuji is Japanease.

Please disregard the slight differences between these two I just found similar components.

So the situation is for example the ABB AL30-30-10-81. 4-pole, 24vdc coil, 34A @AC3, EN NEMA standards at a price of $155.

VS Fuji SC-E1G24vdc. 3-pole, 24vdc, 32A @AC3, CULus, CSA, CE, UL508, IEC standards at a price of $58.

This is with the aux contact which would make it a 4-pole.

I do normally use ABB, Allen Bradley and WEG in my installation choices but work with a lot of machine builders and machining centers from Japan that are full of Fuji. These components last quite a while as I see. Plus to me the datasheet on the Fuji gives you so much more information as far as SCCR ratings jumper bars suppressors made for these. The only concern I have is that Fuji is sold from automation direct distributor and we all know its hit or miss with the parts from Automation Direct as far as brand. I like their HMIs but the PLC and switches are another story.

So can anybody let me know what they think would be a setback to using Fuji opposed to American components if the customer has no input about it. These would be for machine tool machines being used by big name companies not mom and pop shops.

Thank You.