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I want to know more about the control technique named in spanish "control de gama partida". What is its name in english and where can i find detailed information about this technique. As I understand this consists of a tecnique to control a process with several final control elements covering each one a part of the range of the output contol (i,e controling the air supply to a plant with tree compresors)

Daniel Chartier

typical application would be a 2 valve control, one large and one small, controlling the flow in a pipe. You set the larghe valve so the small one maintains the setpoint flow at 50% aperture; that way you get fine tuning capabilities.
Have a look at the following article:
It gives a good intro to the subject in a real application.
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Daniel Chartier

Diana C Bouchard

My guess is you are talking about "split range control". If you do a search on this term you may find what you need.

Diana Bouchard

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