Coros OP and printer


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Zenon Zembaty

I must doing simple automation system including PLC, OP, and printer.
Printer must print messages which be appear during system work (for instance must print informations about alarms in controling proces,
different protocols about controling process).

If is possible connect printer to Coros OP and send messages from PLC to printer?

Zenon Zembaty

Yes, sure its posible, but a better solution is to use a RS232 modul on the PLC, and write direct from there


Hakan Ozevin

You have to be careful that:
1. Some OP's do not have a printer port.
2. You cannot print everything from the OP's printer port.
Since you did not mention which OP you are using, I cannot give you further advice
You can use either a serial PLC port or a port is normally available on OP with message printing support.