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Bedini Andrea

Does anyone have experience with the Profibus CP5613?
I have to develop an application with Intouch to fetch and monitor field I/O via the Profibus CP5613.

Bedini Andrea

ECG, Roberto Martinez Carmenaty

This one a new card of SIEMENS, at present you may use the same driver of CP 5412

Roberto M.C

D. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I have set up an application wih Intouch 7.1, CP5613, WIn2000 Server & 2xWin2000Pro Clients, I used the Siemens OPC driver and its the fastest
update time I have ever seen on a Scada, the screen updates in 100mS.

Donald Pittendrigh

Sean Atkinson

Hi , For this fast SCADA, were you using DP or FMS. Were you collecting from a PLC, if so which model. Sean Atkinson

D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi Sean and others Obviously you are not a Siemens fan or you would have recognised the numbers, well sort of as I made a mistake in my original posting. The Supa fast scada I mentioned was in fact based on H1 OPC server CP1613, which is ethernet and not DP or FMS. My question is I want to try out OPC server for Profibus and am interested in the experiences of others in comparison to the results I achieved using H1 OPC. The PLC was a S7400 using an CP443-IT version, which is 100meg ethernet. Regards Donald Pittendrigh