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Mark D. Tompkins

A key reason why Linux has been a success, is because it 'plays nice' with the rest of the kids on the block. How is the LinuxPLC supposed to facilitate the new paradigm of openness and sharing 'play nice'?

I spent 7 years developing an Asset Management system for Instrumentation. I'd like to suggest that the LinuxPLC Project needs the equivalent of Active Directory, or NDS, specifically for Plant Information. What I'm proposing is a Plant Control Information System that is integrated with the LinuxPLC. This repository would be a version control system for all plant device configurations - end devices, computers, controllers, you name it.

The world is changing rapidly to where intelligence is increasingly distributed. End devices are becoming smarter and smarter, blurring the distinct between controller and controlled.

Having an NDS/Active Directory type of functionality as a key component of the design is key to the success of this project, IMHO.

I'd be glad to help with project!!!