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Radovan Podhradský

Hi all,

I'm looking for somebody, who has some experience
in DeltaV OPC connection from C++ OPC client via OPC DA 2.0 custom interface. I have some problem
to get data from DeltaV system which covers part of plant to another SCADA system which covers all plant. I obtained driver code for SCADA, but I didn't find any problem in it. I tried to wrote little code which uses IOPCSyncIO Read, IOPCAsyncIO2 Read and Connection Point updates with same results as SCADA driver. Only Sync Reads from DEVICE works OK,Sync Reads from CACHE returns zero values and Async Reads and Updated never calls IOPCDataCallback OnDataChange or OnReadComplete. I use VC++ 6.0 SP5. I really don't know where the problem lies, proxy DLLs, compiler or something else. I can't get any useful feedback from Emerson, maybe there is somebody who met this problem in the past and had more luck in information "mining"
from Emerson.

Best regards,

Radovan Podhradský
START Automation s.r.o.
From what I can tell from your message, it sounds like you're trying to connect two OPC servers (one being DeltaV, the other being the SCADA system). Have you tried the OPC Mirror? I believe you can get a "lite" version from


I studied both answer and question , my problem is to interface UNIX based SCADA system to DeltaV
Can I import SCADA tags by using OPC while the
other client is not OPC complied?