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I need help with the link between OPC Mirror DeltaV and OPC Server GDA for odbc of Matrikon, i don't know configure in the Mirror. I do connect OPC Server GDA to Access, I don't have a problem, maybe. I connect the items between DeltaV and OPC Server GDA in OPC Mirror then don't work. Please help me... buuuuuuuuaaaa
Check out Matrikon's technical support. They have always done a good job for me. You can find their number on their web pages.
I have used products from kepware to do this same thing. They have a product like OPC mirror but easier to use call linkmaster and they have an ODBC OPC server that worked better for me than the Matrikon one. This of course assumes that you have not already spent you money.

Juan Carlos Ipiales

You need choose HDA option on Matrikon GDA. Do not choose DA option. I always work with DeltaV and Matrikon OPC Server GDA. You can connect with OPC Client for ODBC without OPC Mirror as client.

Let me know, if it works.
If you need OPC HDA for GDA server, OPC Mirror will not work with it... OPC Mirror only supports DA.