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Jay L. Mackey

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone on this list has knowledge of a specific product:

I would like to find the tiniest DeviceNet I/O module that has at least 4 inputs, 4 relay? outs (to drive solenoids), and a couple of analog I/O points.

Note the adjective 'tiny'. It doesn't need to be able to withstand nuclear war or jets of super-heated steam.

I want to affix it the end-effector of an Adept robot. End-effector solenoids and sensors will be wired to it instead of being cabled all the way back to the controller.

Thank you in advance,

Jay Mackey
Spectra Technologies, Inc.
Grand Prairie, TX

C. Thomas Wiesen

I haven't seen any DeviceNet interfaces with exactly what you specify,
However; there are several pneumatic valve manufacturers that have very small valve packs that have expandable I/O. I have found that this is the easiest way to apply distributed I/O to a robot arm. With an integrated valve manifold, there is no extra wiring and mounting for the
valves and the discrete I/O is usually wired with very small quick connect connectors. SMC and Numatics have pneumatic valve manifolds with discrete I/O that will easily fit inside the upper arm of an Adept 3 for a "Clean" looking installation.

SMC Pneumatics
Asco Pneumatic
Mannesmann Rexroth

You could go with a bulkier solution using a module type I/O unit that takes either proprietary I/O modules or "Standard" opto isolated modules, but most that I have seen have screw terminal type connections and require an external enclosure. Try:

Interlink BT
Western Reserve Controls
Weidmuller ConneXt

Also, there are several companies that will make you a custom interface. Try DIP.

You should find all of these vendors on the ODVA web site:

Allen Bradley has a stand-alone module in their 100 series. It has different combinations. I couldn't find a 4 in 4 out but they do have a 4 in 2 relay out (100-DNX41R).

Something I found to be helpful for finding cable, I/O, and other stuff for devicenet was the ODVA catalog. It lists all suppliers of Devicenet
components. To get one of there free catalogs you can call 1-954-340-5412. Their web site is:

Hope this helps.

Scott Brown
Gemtron Corporation

Juan Pedro (Pete) Rebeil


The smallest DeviceNet IO product lines that I know of that can accept a flexible number and types of IO points that you mention are the almost
identical products from Wago and Beckhoff. A unit equipped with the number of IO points you mention would measure approx. 4" x 6" x 4" (plus wires
sticking out the 4x6 front of the assembled unit). One issue you should be concerned about with these products is their capacity to withstand the vibrations and accelerations of a robot's end of arm -- they consist of somewhat fragile interlocking plastic modules that mount on a DIN-rail.

Good luck.

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Curt Wuollet

The smallest I've seen is the Wago/Beckhoff stuff. 4 in 4 outs and the coupler would be about 2'x2'x4'. Small but not tiny.

Hope this helps

Curt Wuollet.
Linux Systems Engineer
Heartland Engineering Co.

Unique Systems

The smallest DeviceNet I/O module I know of is from HMS, it is called the Anybus- I/O. The problem is that it is designed for embedded systems and only had TTL inputs and outputs. You might be able to make use of it. Here is the link


Heinz-Juergen Oertel

Hello Jay,
you asked for DeviceNet Modules and with this I can't help. But because they "speak" also CAN, the same layer 2 language like DeviceNet,
I can recommend looking at http::// . They have some very small modules for harsh environment.

with best regards / mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen

Heinz-J=FCrgen Oertel

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