DH+ communication problems


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We have PLC 5/40 redundant sytem with 1785-BCM and 1785-KE. SCADA is connected to the PLC system through RS-232 port (through modem) to 1785-KE. I want to take the DH+ information into Quantum PLC(on Modbus TCP/IP). I also have a suitable converter that converts DH+ to Modbus TCP/IP. However when i try to read the data from the PLC the communication between SCADA and PLC fails. I have connected my DH+ converter to channel 1A (of PLC 5/40) while the SCADA is communicating through channel 2A (of PLC 5/40).Only read request is given from Quantum PLC. Can anybody pls tell me as to why such problem is occuring.
check your code on the PLC5/40, replace the "indirect addressing" instruction on your communication code.

it may help.

Peter Shi