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Kirk S. Hegwood

Hi Everyone,
We have a number of legacy control systems that are interconnected via Allen
Bradley's DH+. Our goal is to migrate these systems and new systems to a
more "open" system, preferably Ethernet, and commingling the PLC's and PC
control. Any suggestions and/or manufacturers that have gateways to convert
the DH+ protocol without having to use RSView or other Allen Bradley
products? We want to keep it "open".

Thanks in advance for the help.


Kirk S. Hegwood
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I did this to a couple of lines at a previous employer. My situation was
Dh-485 tho. I found the best way to do it was to replace one of the SLC's
that was not performing any difficult tasks (typically it wound up boeing a
conveyor controller) with a SLC 5/05. the 5/05 is the one with an Ethernet
Jack. The replaced processor simply went back to spare parts inventory.

Then, I added logic in the 5/05 to gather data from the other machines
using the existing network, and consolidate it in the 5/05 memory.

Finally, an ActiveX from Automated Solutions would bring the data from the
5/05 into my VB app that I had written. A.S. has a fairly liberal
licensing policy, in that you buy the development license, and you can
distribute the run time with no royalty.

From there, it was a quick trip into the DB and onto the intranet web pages
for display to all....

I would suggest something similar, only (obviously) using a plc that could
talk DH+ and ethernet. Not sure which model would work for that, tho, as I
haven't had much call for DH+ beyond a SLC 5/04.


--Joe Jansen
If you take this approach, use a PLC5/20E or 5/40E, or if you really need it you can even use the 5/60E. All talk ethernet. Better would be to use a contol logix box (thats the AB 5550 line). It ties DH+, DH485, ethernet, controlnet, devicenet, serial all together with minimal pain.
Dear sir,
in my idea you can go 2 way,
1. using software for DH+ drivers, from software toolbox web site or other opc driver that can support DH+ protocal (www.opcfoundation.org).
2.using hardware based communication gateway sush as X-link from SST technology, but for this solution not flexible than software driver.

Geoff Nunan Advanced Integration Pty Ltd

Allen Bradley Control Logix Gateway.

Buy a backplane, drop in a 1756-DH+RIO card
and a 1756-ENET card, Each card is a converter to Control Net (Open) which the backplane uses to communicate between the cards.

Very simple.