Difference between Sinec L2 & Profibus

Well that depends :). The age of the S5 system plays a big roll in how "compatible" Sinec-L2 is with Profibus. The Physical and Data Link Layers (RS-485 and FDL, respectively) are generally identical (might not support 12 MBaud). Since Profibus is a suite of Protocols (FDL, FMS, DP and a load of Siemens invented variations -- S7, ZP, TF etc etc), compatiblity would depend on the application layer protocol you want to use. If we are talking DP here (the most popular), there are some older S5 implementations that are not standard DP.

Jim Stewart
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Michael Griffin

L2 DP is Profibus DP. S5 L2 FMS is sort of Profibus FMS, but not exactly. I believe the difference in the FMS version is due to at least some of the S5 series not supporting all the FMS features.
I get the impression that Profibus FMS was not widely supported outside of Siemens, and is dying out. Most companies which support Profibus only support DP.
I find Siemens' catalogues to be very vague about what exactly they are talking about when they mention Profibus or L2. It can sometimes take a bit of digging to discover whether they mean DP or FMS.

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D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

Sinec L1 was also known as ET100 I/O system, this was replaced with ET200 I/O system called Sinec L2 and this was before the final publishing of the
Profibus DP spec. Sinec L2 had some anomalies that made it different to what was later released as DP but used similar hardware.

The modern stuff is Profibus DP and is not really known as Sinec L2 except sometimes by the reminiscent "old guys" like me!!!

Donald Pittendrigh