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I am trying to locate a vendor I had found once before who makes a small DIN-rail mounted Modbus Plus tap. This tap was similar in design
to the CableFast I/O bases and Weidmuller DIN-rail mounted connection bases. The Modbus Plus trunk cable went in and out screw terminals on
the sides (over the DIN rail) and the drop cable connected on the bottom of the front, also on screw terminals. It was also fairly inexpensive. It would be a really nice solution to a problem with lack of space I have in an enclosure. Looking for a vendor name, phone,
web address, anything. I know this device exists, I just can't find it again!

The device you are talking about in Made by Phoenix Contact. The Order number is 5602112. You can find more information about it on our
web site at "http://www.grantindustrial.com/modbus_plus_taps.htm":http://www.grantindustrial.com/modbus_plus_taps.htm

It is Din Rail Mounted, has screw terminal connection for the trunk and drop cables, and has a switch to select if a terminating resistor
mounted on the module is connected for end of line or not.

If I can be of assistance my email is [email protected]

Unfortunately this is a custom product made by Phoenix Contact, therefore you will not find any information on their web site.

Jeremy Rutka

Phoenix contact has a Modbus plus tap and has a list price of about $50

You may email me or call me at 1800-890-2820


Jeremy Rutka
Technical Advisor