Does anybody have experience with these Soft-PLC products


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Hi there!
Would anybody recommend a Soft-PLC package that would have trending capabilities?
I took a look at Think'n Do Software and Virgo from AlterSys. They both seems to be a good fit for what I have to do, but I would like to
receive comments from actual users of those products.
Thanks a lot.
You can take a look at or other international sites, they combine wizplc with there scada wizcon. Only used it in a training project (demo) but it worked well. Probably not as stable as a real plc.


Mike Schoonmaker

Hi, Jeff!

On one level your request is easy to address. You can find dozens of fully documented case studies using Think & Do software in a wide range of applications on our website, just check out

On a second level, though, I have to say I am a bit intrigued by your posting. After all, it appears that you work for Proxy Automation, a division of AlterSys. So, presumably you already know the Altersys users which leads to the question of what you are really trying to do with your posting. I will not speculate about that in this forum – but feel free to enlighten us, if you like. And in the future, you might want to consider that most of us in this community feel everyone is better off if participants own up to who they really are and resist the urge to use the automation list as an underhanded way of gathering market intelligence.

Mike Schoonmaker
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