Hi! JD.

I was browsing through the forum and read some request for assistance in bypassing a master password. I have a kind of simmilar problem/request.

The only reason why we are not going back to the manufacturer for assistance is to save us some BIG $.

I have an AB SLC5/05 controlling one of our machines. We are not trying to copy the program or something. All we want to do is to add one discrete input to the I/O card to give us an alarm when a switch is set.The channel 0 of the processor is configured for DH485 and I don't know the IP address. Just wondering if you could assist us in bypassing the password. We are using RSLogix500.

Thank you in advance.
Give it to me a detail about how to do that i think this is very nice.

Actually i have the open source code for all my system but i am curios about that

thanks from mexico..
Hey JD,
I see this is an old posting. I am interested in your method if you are willing to share it. I am aservice tech for iec in denver. Every once in a while I encounter a protected ab plc. please help me.
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