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Dave van Rhijn

Dear CTC Group, Electronic Barometers, are certainly useful for weather analysis and prediction but what possible uses could they have in the production or environmental controls solutions? Any ideas or proven uses would be of great interest. Inquiring minds. Thanks D. van Rhijn SD Control Systems Kitchener, Ontario Canada, N2P 1T3
Electronic air pressure sensing has been used quite a bit in security
applications for detecting opening doors and windows in reasonably air tight

Numerous products hit the UK market in the early '90s.

They had the advantage of requiring no installation and so were useful for
temporary or mobile security applications and were often sold mail order.

As you might expect, some worked reasonably well in the right type of
building but most of them where about as useful as an ashtray on a

I seem to remember they were generally described as "volumetric" intruder

Geoff Moore
Straight Forward Solutions Ltd
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The rates of some chemical reactions used in production processes
can be affected by ambient pressure. This is usually countered by
placing the process in a pressure controlled vessel. This is not
always practical or economical.

If the impact is well understood, an electonic barometer could be used
to alter the process variables to compensate for this effect.

Ron Davis
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Roanoke, VA

j sweeney, sweeney aquametrics

"electronic barometers"--i.e., are used quite a bit in applications involving the determination of the total pressure of gases dissolved in water (and other aqueous fluids) referenced to barometric.
I would like to contact the Sweeney Aquametrics Company re:sweeney saturometer model ds-1b. Can you provide me with specs for the in instrument or send me the company's fax # or an email address? Yours, Ofer S.

Will Borgeson

I have been trying to order a Sweeney saturometer for several weeks. The company does not respond to phone calls or faxes. Will Borgeson

Mark Francis

I am looking for information on a Sweeney Aquametrics Saturometer. Is there a phone or fax number or even a web page? Thanks Aquaneering, Inc.