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I tried to find manuals about Elsag Bailey PLCs Manuals . Somebody knows where to find materials about that ?
Which Elsag Bailey PLC or virtual PLC ?

Elsag Bailey was made up of a number of controls companies including Bailey, Hartmen Braun and Fisher-Porter. Each with their own line of
products. Elsag Bailey was bought several years ago by ABB.

Bailey Controls had a configuration utility for their Net90/Infi90 DCS that allow programming of controllers in ladder. I'm not familiar with the other lines.

The manual for SLAD for Infi 90 is out of print but is available on a CD-ROM from ABB Automation, titled INFI 90 OPEN CD-ROM. You may be
able to access this document from their web site, "": , if you sign up for a trial membership.
The document's URL is "":