file transfer capabilities in RTUs and PLCs


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Abdal Hakam

Hi List;
I am searching and requesting any helpful information or web links,..etc , about capabilities (hardware requirements and file format) and manufacturers of
1. RTUs
2. PLCs
the RTU will be linked to the central SCADA by fiber optic WAN using multiplexers and OTE .
thank you all

Abdalhakam Zarzora
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Dear Abdalhakam Zarzora

I'm not sure what exactly you mean, I can only guess. We are selling RTU's ( which are capable to communicate via IEC60870-5-101,-103 and -104 protocol. These protocols have file transfer procedure implemented and we support it. For example we can transfer fault records of protection devices via -103 through our RTU and then via -101,104(Ethernet) protocol to the SCADA PC or workstation. The file format is comtrade-binary (*.bin) in this case, which makes it transparent to any analysis software on the market. But the file format in IEC protocols doesn't matter because the procedure is transparent to any format.

Rajesh Mehta

Two comanies I can tell you off-hand are Alstom and ABB.

Both have done a no. of large projects and are original manufacturers too.