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i am looking for a reliable instrument for sugar cane juice flow measurement (high suspended solids and entrained air), any help is appreciated

Verhappen, Ian

I would suggest you talk to the folks at Smar as that is how they entered the automation business. Other manufacturers could also do it INCLUDING the
new Coriolis meter from Invensys that can handle vapours in the stream though it will likely cost you more than other solutions.

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Try Coriolis flowmeter (Micromotion). It will give you also the density (mass flow) information at once. check the pressure drop (process conditions) - ask for the assistance from flowmeter supplier!

If you don't need the massflow data, you can try magflow meter

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Multi phase flow is not possible to measure accurately using a single instrument. To get accurate readings of any of your components you will need to separate them and measure them separately.

If you require Brix measurement you will have to separate the solids and gas from your fluid as the brix level is derived from a density measurement and thus the two other phases will interfere too much with the readings.
However, it may be possible to measure the flowrate to a certain degree of accuracy depending on your particular conditions.

I'd recommend you contact your local Emerson representative. Emerson have both Magnetic flowmeters and the MicroMotion Coriolis flowmeters, plus others if needed. And they have representatives all over the world, literally.

Go to http://www.emersonprocess.com

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