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Bob Gillooly

I was hoping to get some input to help in my decision between "RSView32" and "Wonderware" software for a front end control and data acquisition.
I am using A-B equipment I have a SLC 5/05 w/ a
SDN scanner for DeviceNet and I thought I would use EtherNet from the PLC to the front end PC and
touch screen via a hub. Is there anything better?
Who has the best prices for industial PCs and touch screen CRTs? I would appreciate any input and advice.

Thank you
Bob G.
or CTC Parker for this. Interact will
work with mutiple PLC's of different brands
and is very easy to use (also very stable)
Regarding who has good prices on Industrial PC's. I used to sell Rockwell Automation products and after they acquired Intecolor they became very competetive on Industrail PC's.

You can either contact your local Rockwell distributor or go to:

Another brand that I would sold before Rockwell stopped trying to build their own was Christensen Displays. They were always priced well.

Can't help with the techie stuff, been out of it too long.
I know you were looking at WW and AB software, however Iconics has a OPC to the Core solution. Their AB OPC can talk an AB protocol and does not require RS LinX. Iconics can run on any Microsoft OS. The development package is FREE. See

Hope this helps.

Bob Miller
Both Wonderware and RSView are very comparable but you probably get a better value with RSView when talking with A-B PLCs. They include an ActiveX ladder viewer that will allow you to view, upload, or download to your PLC from RSView. They also include a free SPC package and a free package that allows their alarming system to work with pagers, sound cards, email, and faxes.