Gasoline pipe flow measurement


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I am looking for a flow transmitter (4-20) that I can strap on externally to a gasoline pipeline and monitor flow. 1 at each end of pipe will tell if there is a leak. Non evasive, and easy to connect, reconnect every week so I can put it on other pipelines to check for other leaks. Size application for gas distribution/refinery. Plan to hook up to PLC system long term and trend on HMI.
Dynasonics ( manufacturers a transit time ultrasonic flow meter which could probably serve the application that you describe. In order for the transit time to work properly, the pipe would need to be larger than 2 inches (50mm). The product is available with a variety of outputs, including 4-20 mA, RS232, pulse, datalogger, etc. Take a look at the TFXD product and contact us if you have any questions.