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I'm looking for a system to measure level or flow rate of diesel or gasoline tankers by means of GPS, so from the main offices we can track any tanker of our company and know exactly if the tanker is unloading the product in the tank.

Can somebody suggest to me what kind of equipment I can use for my specific application? Thanks.
There are ways to capture gps location at point of delivery and accounting information from truck tankers. A number of products exist for tracking fleets of trucks and tankers. Also a number of products could "interface" with a gps system to "upload" truck / tanker tickets.

Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with some manufacturers to consider.
For flow and level measurement you can contact FORBES MARSHALL PVT LTD. You can also monitor the measurement bu using GPS supported DATALOGGER.

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There are electronic modules integrated with flow meter to let you have the information from flow meter on a server or cell phone. The central data server can have all the said information stored & this information can be utilized for your accounting purpose.

I hope GPS system can also be interested with flow meter, I am not sure but I don't think why it can't be done.

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