GE-FANUC 90-30 REDUNDANT configuration


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Bob Max

I have a 90-30 plc of GE-FANUC in redundant configuration connected to logicmaster 90 programming terminal via ethernet . I also have Redundant configuration utility software of GE-FANUC. I am able to create a *.rsc file for my configuration and store it on hard disk. But i am not able to import the same into my LOGICMASTER 90 program. Can someone help me out.

Miller, Chuck (IndSys, GEFanuc, NA)

My first question would be is this "redundant configuration utility" a factory supported solution (HBR30 or Max-On) or is it "roll your own" redundancy. If it is a factory supported hot-standby solution, you can call your local GE Fanuc distributor, the hotline @ 1 800 GE FANUC or give me a call offline to discuss....... Thanks, Chuck Miller Critical Control Business Leader (281) 495-0333 Fax: (281) 495-0370 email: [email protected]