GE Frame 5 Trips After Synchronising


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Gas turbine started after normal maintenance, startup was normal and within acceptable duration. after closing the circuit breaker it stays 1 minute, the trip without reason and no alarm appeared.

Electrical side was clear which confirm to me the cause is internal (from the turbine parameters).

what could be the trip cause?
We really do try and help people solve problems on but one thing we always need is information. Even a magician couldn't diagnose this problem for you.

You must have some kind of information, I know you said no Alarms but something caused the turbine to shutdown.

Some questions :-
1) What Control System?

2) Can you re-start the machine again under some controlled conditions and try and get some Data?

3)If it is MKV or MKVI do you know how to use Trip History?

This is only a beginning to try and help.

Good Luck
Thanks for your reply, the answers for your question are:

1) What Control System? DIGICON

2) Can you re-start the machine again under some controlled
conditions and try and get some Data?

3)If it is MKV or MKVI do you know how to use Trip History?
its DIGICON not Mark V or VI

Please--my watch stopped working one minute after I put it on my wrist. I just collected it from the watch repairman.

What could be the problem?

Oh, by the way, it's a Meier brand. And, when I put it back on my wrist it started working again and hasn't stopped since.

<b>Moderator's Note:</b> What CSA is trying to tell you is that the information you have given is not enough for anyone to help you.
Thanks to all.

The problem solved, just for your information. the problem was from the gas valve as it wasn't opening correctly. it was less the required, that is why the machine trip after breaker closed and more gas is needed.

After replacing the gas valve and calibrated as per setting everything goes smooth.

DIGICON is a third-party digital turbine control system, so the philosophies used may not be the same as those used by GE--specifically, that any condition which results in a turbine trip MUST have a Process Alarm to alert the operator to the condition which tripped the turbine.

Personally, it's very difficult to understand how a gas valve--a physical gas valve--can open far enough to reach rated speed and complete synchronization, and then when it's commanded to open further to increase fuel flow-rate, and hence load, closes sufficiently to trip the turbine. And, how replacing said valve can result in a working unit. How can a hydraulically operated control valve open far enough to successfully reach rated speed and synchronize the unit, and then, suddenly close to cause a loss of flame? It certainly seems something was amiss, and there should have been some kind of indication of trouble during starting and/or acceleration and/or synchronization.

The problem likely lies in what was done during the "normal maintenance" which preceded the issue....
Following to my post, unfortunately now we have same condition and the machine trip after 1 minute of synchronizing.

As per logging installed in DIGICON, we got message "SPREAD TEMP=0"
We checked all thermo-couples and there circuits found them healthy?
What is your recommendation?