GE/MDS Orbit ECR radios

Curious if anyone on this forum has used or is experienced with the GE/MDS Orbit radios. I've used them in several systems and am generally pleased with their performance. However, I installed a 12 radio system last fall and it is giving me fits.

What is happening is that when I first power up the "master" radio the network defines itself in an optimal way - minimum number of hops from the remote radios to the master. After a few hours or days, the network map becomes less optimal. For example, a site that had 2 hops now has 3 or 4 hops to get back to the master. This slows data throughput and creates timeouts.

Is there any way to make the network path static so that each remote radio has a defined path back to the master and does not (cannot) change over the course of time? I've throroughly read the manual and have contacted GE as well but can't get a straight answer on how to do this. Perhaps there are better radios that support medium distance TCP/IP communications?