GE MDS Master station WITH MDS LEGACY 4710C remote radios

I would like to ask of anyone have experienced creating a network for SCADA/telemetry using new MDS master station with MDS 4710 radios? we are experiencing problem, some of the remote sites radios(4710) are being detected even they are far hence the other are just less than a kilometer but they cannot communicate with the master station..we have purchase this new master station to replace the old one..we set our master station as " transparent" so it can communicate with the new MDS orbit MCR as well as our existing MDS 4710c.

Hi, I looked at the latest manual for the MDS Master Station. We have an older system(Hardware) that utilizes the MDS 4710 Radios in a Serial connection Point-Multi-point Topology using a Repeater Radio. As far as I can tell the Orbit MCR radios are a different topology than the MDS x710 radios. Not sure where you are located but you may need to check with the manufacturer to ensure that the proper Modules are installed on the Master Station.