Generator Breaker Tripping in Island Auto Mode


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Dear All

I am facing Problem During Commissioning of QAC800 Diesel Generator Make Atlas Copco. We have connected the respective cables, charged the batteries and after checking according to the manual we started the generator in Island Mode. Semi Automatic, Generator started and we found every thing OK.

We changed the mode to Island Auto and started with remote signal. it is started and generator breaker automatically closed. when we switch on the load circuit breaker inside the MCC, the generator breaker tripped without any indication. Due to tripping of generator breaker MCC breaker also tripped, and generator breaker again ON automatically as it is in Auto mode. We have inspected every thing and check the parameter also, every thing is fine.

We again change the Mode to ISLAND SEMI AUTO and manually switch on the Generator Circuit Breaker, then Switch On the Load Circuit Breaker and found OK. We also connected the load and there is no problem.

Please guide me.

Best Regards