Genius bus to Modbus &/or Modbus Plus


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Craig Drevant

Is there a solution available to alow me to talk to my GE drives (currently on Genius IO) utilizing Modbus &/or Modbus Plus?
Check out Horner Electric at and look at their The GGM100 is a Modbus gateway to the Genius LAN which allows a RTU / Modbus
master to access Genius bus data as though it were Modbus I/O. Modbus is a communications protocol used widely in distributed control
systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), and RTU installations. This product allows these applications to use Genius as their I/O system.

But my question is, why would you desire to replace a deterministic, hi speed, triple error checking, fault reporting, noise immune
communications system originally designed by GE Military for nose to tail communications on the F4 fighter because it could withstand a
nuclear EMF pulse blast, with , cheap, slow Modbus that everybody has? Hey! you have the rolls royce of them all that your fed tax dollars
paid for.. enjoy the technology!