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Jeff Thurman

I have been following the discussion for a few weeks now from the postings. One of the items that has been mentioned is the lack of hardware to actually test the current "linuxplc" software against. Presently I have access to numerous devices that may prove benificial in this area. Some include plcs ( modbus compatable, AB slick 500 and mico, Omron), high limit devices that are modbus rtu compatable and ac inverters that use omron and uss protocols, etc.

I work for a small manufacturer in the east Texas area designing and building controls for internal usage. Most of the equipment is used at this time in a testing enviroment and thus normally is used heavily in the areas of data acquisition and control.

If people need to actually test the application with live hardware there is a good possibility this can be arranged.

I have been in computers for about 20 years now with a lot of it in the world of Microsoft. For the most part I am a newbie in Linux. Most of my "C" experience has been in systems with Dos or no operating system at all.

If there is anywhere I can help or if additional information is needed just drop a line.


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Curt Wuollet

Hi Jeff

Welcome! The list is kinda quiet over the holidays but, I'll put your name in my address book and I'm sure folks will catch up in the new year. You might do an entry for the rogues gallery so we know what to associate with the name.

If you have any questions just holler.



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