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Reza Hasseli

I have recently bought some HART transmitter, I have a HART communicator model 275 I want to know if I can use my HART communicator with the new transmitter without upgrading the communicator software (Memory pack).
Secondly, I want to know how to upgrade the communicator myself.

Reza Hasseli
The 275 has been retired for years, 2002 (?) or thereabouts.

But, hook the 275 up, give it try and see. I suspect that the universal and common commands will still function for any HART device. But the generic commands are fairly limited.

I seriously doubt that updates are available any longer for the 275 because it has been superceded first by the 375 (which had a 13 year life span), then the 475, and now the Trex. That's lots of obsolescence between then and now.

As I recall, only the factory or an authorized service center had access to the means to update the DD's in memory, and at some point, some DD's had to be discarded to make room for new DD's because of limited memory. Updating the 475 required a "license" you had pay for. I think you're stuck with whatever you've got in that 275 unless there's some outfit on the web is doing 275 DD updates as a service.

But, newer devices' DD's (device driver files) will not load into a 275. Recently developed HART devices are HART 6 or HART 7 with functionality that the 275 was never designed to handle. Back in the 275 era, HART versions had no suffixes because it was just HART.

You might consider looking at software, Procomsol or Siemens PDM, that use a USB HART modem. Pactware software is 'free' and works with a USB HART modem, but Pactware uses DTM files, not DD files and not every device vendor offers a DTM file.