HC900 C50 Controller version 1.0x firmware upgrade to higher version.


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Jeff Julian

Is there a way of upgrading our HC900 C50 Version 1.0x to a higher version to take advantage of its features w/o changing the cpu? I've always come across with a readme file w/c seems great with the correct firmware version to upgrade 1.0x. The HCDedigner software to configure the controller were upgraded to version 4.4 and comes with several firmware version upgrade in one of its folder (HC900 firmware w/c includes upgrade v2.3 & up). Which version should I use to upgrade our 1.0x version? could it be used as modbus RTU on the process of integration with 3rd party HMI? its port seems not configurable to RS 232 & 485 and its ethernet port is set to honeywell ELN and not modbus TCP. Hoping to receive any reply as advise to this situation.
1) HCD (Hybrid Control Designer) software is backwards compatible to V1.0 controller firmware, with the limitation that any rogram/configuration can only support elements native to its version, meaning features added in V4.1 are not available in V1.0, but you can program, edit, save and down/upload V1.0 programs in V4.4 HCD.

2) V1.0 CPU's can be firmware updated to some version around 2.109

3) The CPU com port was selectable as RS-232 or RS-485 with a DIP switch in the CPU. The software determined the protocol it would talk, ELN (protocol used to communicate with proprietary 1042 Operator panels) or Modbus RTU. The Ethernet port could handle Modbus/TCP, too.

The utilities tab in the software was used for communications setup.