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Bill Brewer

I have an oven run by a Honeywell HC900 using hybrid control designer. I have questions regarding whether the HCD program can be used manually in the event the HMI fails. One would need to start the program and choose recipes. So far, I haven't found a way to do it. Any one know how to do it or know of a HC900 forum somewhere?

Bill Brewer
> can HCD be used manually in the event the HMI fails?

Ans: No. HCD has monitoring functions for the logic, but it is not a substitute HMI.

There is a 'crippled' version of HCD called HC900 Hybrid Control Utilities Software. Although you could create a new SPP profile and load it, there's no means through the software of running it.

HCD Utilities description from a cut sheet:

HC Utilities is a separate optional PC software application that provides many of the user maintenance and diagnostic functions of HC Designer software but restricts configuration changes. This software is an ideal program for OEMs and Integrators who wish to provide a maintenance program to their customers without the risk of unauthorized changes to the controller’s program.

Files created in HC Utilities for Recipes, and Data Storage schedules may be loaded into the system via serial communications, network communications or by using a disk media through an operator interface.

The serial and network interface capabilities also allow users to download new controller configurations or perform equipment firmware upgrades without using an operator interface.

Features include:

Recipe development: (Variables, Setpoint Profiles, Setpoint Schedules, Sequences)

Data storage schedules

Set controller communication ports

Calibrate controller I/O

Configuration reloads

Firmware Upgrades

View controller diagnostics

Monitor controller configurations of unlocked worksheets

> Is there an HC900 forum?

Not to my knowledge.