HMI Alarms sent to Group of MobilePhones via SMS


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I've a requirement to send my HMI alarm messages to a group of users thru SMS. Sometimes the mobile phone user may request the HMI to send
the status. I'm planning to use Cimplicity for the HMI. Any suggestion for the SMS Gateway to handle two way communication and action?

Raymond van der Tas

To get alarm messages via SMS:
1- connect to the process data using OPC Servers
2- use an OPC Alarm&Event Server to check the limits and generate alarms

Probably Cimplicity can perform step 1 and 2 for you. (otherwise you can use the ICONICS OPC Alarm Server which performs step 2, or use a
modern SCADA software)

3- The ICONICS AlarmWorX Multimedia module can be connected to any OPC A/E server and notify users via SMS, Fax, Voice, Phone, Email,...
You configure it to subscribe to your favorite A/E Server and tell it to which SMS users you want to send the alarms. You can have groups of
users, roles and time/date schedules in order to be only notified when being on duty.

The alarm message is sent out over a regular modem to your mobile phone service. This service will forward the message to the SMS device.

In case you also want 2-way communication you will buy an GSM modem and use it instead. The user can then also acknowledge the alarms by
sending an SMS back.

PS. AlarmWorX Multimedia is also shipped with an OLE Automatable Event Server. This means that you can post alarm/events through some
scripting language (VB/VBA/...) to the event server. The MMX product will notify the user.

For more info "":

Raymond van der Tas