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Martin May

Does anyone know where to find, or better still have a copy of an installation, software setup and maintenance manual for a Honeywell S1500 Delta. Any info will be gratefully.

Kevin Weller

The S1500 which you describe is part of a Delta 1000 system. It is purely an I/O device with no on-board control of its own. It can be setup using an RS232 cable and some terminal emulation software. The groups and point types can be setup which will then require adding to the central CPU/IBM RICM board setup. It has been some time that I have worked on this equipment as I beleive the Delta system is now about 25-30 years old.

Curt Jeffreys

The Series 1500 Data Gathering Panel has a simple RS-232 interface. ProgrammingI/O is menu driven
by the OS. As emntioned previously, this DGP has no 'Brains': It doesn't do anything unless commanded by a host - either a Graphic Central (via RICM), by a Honeywell Delta 1000 or 5100 CPU or by an ESUSA Unity.

The I/O count is as follows:

Dig Inputs - 20
Dig Outputs - 15
Analog Inputs - 15
Analog Outputs - 2

The transmission line interface to the Host can be either DC current loop at 55 ma, 135 Volts or by a 'Tone Interface' (a proprietary modem,

The Honeywell Delta 1000 protocol is a proprietary 13 bit word transmitted in a redundant format so, with start and stop bits you're looking at 32 bits. If you're interested, send me an email. I've written software that can talk Delta 1000.

Curt Jeffreys

CW Industries
[email protected]
Try using a standard rs232 lead and Hyperterminal set 2400 Baud 7 Start Bits, 2 Stop Bits Even Parity.