How to configure USB port in Visual Basic

Hi all,

Please can anyone send me some code for controling the USB port using VB.NET? Send them to: t_adison @ Hotmail. com

I will need to control my USB port in my project, so I am doing some research to obtaine some code but it sucks!

Any help?

Thank you very much.
Hi all,

Can you forward the VB6 code and details regarding that to me also? I am doing a project where I have to send data to a kit via USB port from the GUI.

Therefore I need this code. My id is kollu. kavya @ gmail. com
I had similar requirement and the following is what I did:
a) downloaded a VIRTUAL SERIAL PORT (VSP) from FTDI and installed on the PC (

b) Then, when you connect the USB instrument, I noticed an added COM port in the SYSTEM (COM7 in my case).

c) I, then, used MSCOMM1 in VB6 to communicate to the device.

Lim Choon Kiat

Hi there,

I went to the site to download driver version 2.04.06. (It comes with the file "CDM 2.04.06")

However, when I run that file on my XP box, nothing seem to happen. What did I do wrong? (Or is there any configuration I need to do?) Please advise me.

You may email me: limchoonkiat at live. com

Also when I used searching Engine for the same titles I found this which is more more important for me, please send me this code for configuring the USB port through VB6
Hi Nisa,

USB - bluetooth devices are used as same as a serial port when you install your bluetooth device drivers.

So you can use it via MSComm (MSComm32.ocx) component with Visual Basic, it is not different than an ordinary RS232 port.

However, some bluetooth device drivers add two serial ports at the same time, one is used for sending and the other is used for receiving but it is a rare situation; most of the devices do receiving and sending in same serial port.

Hope this helps.
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I am a visual basic programmer. I used parallel port for sending and receiving data between PC and hardware. Now I want to use USB port to send and receive data. Can anyone send me the code and how to build hardware for usb?

my email is [email protected]
>Give me your e-mail address and I will send you some test source code in VB 6. <

I create a project in 2008 and I'd like a help with configure a USB port.

My email is astef31 [at]
Hi ,
Can I have the copy OF VB source please .
Thanks in advance.
Ashkan Golestani

ashkan.golestani [at]
I have done the same thing but i am using VisualStudio 2008 and i can't seem to find a way to use MSComm. Any ideas?
> I have done the same thing but i am using VisualStudio 2008 and i can't seem to find a way to use MSComm. Any ideas? <

VS2005/2008 no longer uses MSComm, you need to reference System.IO.Ports. From there you will have access to the SerialPort object.

I have interface with 24 I/O contact to the PC through USB and I want to use this interface to control 24 LED by switch ON/OFF each one separately. So, I will be so grateful to you if you can help me by send me any code in VB to do that.
Thanks in advance
Please send your answer to my email:[email protected]

Mohamed Haseel

i'm also in the same problem that i don have a rs232 port on my lap. so i purchased a usb to rs232 converter. but since i've programmed using vb6.0 for my rs232 port, i need them to be converted for the new converter that connects using usb port.

please send solutions if any to my email.. mail:[email protected]

Robert J Reeder

I use RS232-USB devices all the time.


In a couple cases, I had to run a ground wire from the 15 pin video outlet across to the RS232 device. If the Ground is allowed to 'float', USB operation will be intermittent.