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When we want to edit one of the I/O modules, it seems there is no way to do that unless we know exactly the series, rev., of the module. Because when we upload the project file from the PLC and then open the I/O configuration, we can’t see any information or data for the Modules. So we reconfigure the module (getting the BTR, BTW, N addresses from the ladders) then we can edit the module .. !!!
Is there any way to upload hardware data?

Bob Peterson

From some of what you said I am guessing you are dealing with a PLC5. he
configuration data is stored in the PLC but is in a format that is not real obvious. The module part number is not stored in the PLC data table in a PLC5. It is part of the descriptions that are stored only on the hard drive (like the address comments).

Since the descriptions are not stored in the PLC, you have to recreate the part number descriptions if you do not upload from the PLC into an existing program file that already has those descriptions.

Trevor Ousey

Hi Azzam,

What Bo mentioned previously was correct. With PLC5's, and advanced modules that require BTR and BTW block transfers, the IO configuration is within the N file or Integer file normally, which is normally only block transferred with a first scan. If you change a value to modify the configuration then you will need to trigger a block transfer again.

If you are using RSLogix5 the IO configuration is stored with the offline project and not in the PLC. This IO configuration will then allow you to use the configuration screens with RSLogix5 to modify it.

If you are using AI5, the older DOS stuff, then be wary using the configuration utility, I found it troublesome with VHSC modules and so went back to manually configuring the N files.