ICONICS Alarmworx ActiveX in Wonderware


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Justin Julian

I have ICONICS Alarmworx running on its own PC. I have various Wonderware SCADA nodes in my plant. I wish to install the ICONICS ALARMWORX
ActiveX screen from the alarm server on the SCADA Nodes. I do not want to install the complete ICONICS suite on each scada node (just want the activeX component). Has anyone accomplished this before? Which OCX / DLL files did you have to register on the Wonderware / SCADA nodes?

Raymond van der Tas

When installing GENESIS32, you can select the modules you would like to have. (AlarmWorX, GraphWorX, TrendWorX...)

You should not try to install files manually since you will be confronted with OPC Foundation DLLs, recent Microsoft MFC Dlls, Alarm (ocx,dll)files, license management files and OPCBroker files.

After the standard installation of just the Alarm product, you can tell the license monitor that the real license can be found on the remote node rather than this WW computer.

Good luck !