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Niall Watson

Dear List

Does anyone have any views on using iFIX as a medium for generating Management reports...
Utilising FIX advanced historian, and the VBA environment with Crystal Reports etc.

Or should we look at Proficy / A.N.Other MES application suite??

Any comments, suggestions or experiences most welcome!

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I don't know much about iFIx. But as for as FIX products of Intellution, the reporting module is a real garbage. So, please beware.
Hi Niall,

You should check out Intellution's product VisiconX. I have seen a brief
demo of it (I don't use it) and it looks pretty good. It is used to
generate queries and reports from an SQL database without using VBA
scripts. I'm not sure if it has all the capabilities that you need, but I
would suggest you look into it.

Dean Reimer
Westroc Inc.
Hi Niall

For general Process variable type reports using VBA , VisiconX or the crystal reports runtime with iFix is good enough. If you are looking at plant wide reporting that will include some combined process , financial and business system information then an MES package such as Proficy would be more applicable
Hi all,
You have to start looking at the database ifix uses. In my application where I use Deltav with iFix I use a pi database. Now I can query the pi database using the database connect command, run a sql query directly from VB and use crystal reports for reporting. I have done this. I used the query builder in VB to build the query.