InControl with H2-EBC


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Kimberly Wang

Hello list people,

We have a project which uses WW InControl talking to the automationdirect H2-EBC I/Os. I used the driver to configure the modules and tried to run a simple program to turn on a discrete output
by turning on a discrete input. it seemed not working because the H2-EBC module ACT light blinked for several times, and off, then the
error light was ON. The output window in the InControl did not give me any errors.

Any clients who use the above configuration have similar problems before? Could you please give me some hints on how to solve them?



Steve Myres, PE

I think you need to have both units on the same "subnet". Try setting the H2-EBC IP address so that the first two (or three) segments of the IP address are the same as configured on your PC (or vice versa). For example, your PC could be and the EBC could be Stay away from 127 and 254/255; these have special meanings.