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I am trying to communicate from my PC to my injection molding machine. Unfortunately I need to use SPI protocol.

Are you aware of anybody who can provide me a software that will act as the SPI module linking my PC to the mold machine. The only such module I have seen is one linking AB PLC-5 to the mold machine.

Appreciate your input. The other alternative is to plunk down $5000 for the books and do my own coding.

Some years ago I implemented a subset of the SPI protocol communicating from an injection molding machine to a material dryer. I used a SLC BASIC module with the code in EEPROM. As I recall, it was not that difficult. You should be able to gin up a VB or VC code module which would allow you to send and receive commands and data without much trouble. If this seems mysterious to you, save yourself some time and get someone who does understand it to do it for you. (I am not, BTW, looking for work.)