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Sid Roberts

Hello everyone,

This is probably more directed at the chemical industry crowd.

I am currently putting together a process control system that will be fitted with a SLC 5/04 or /05. My request today is if anyone can help
me update my resources for instruments related to process control instruments for the plating industry. I have used TBI Bailey and McGean
Rohco, etc. with good results in the past but as with all products these days it seems that there is always improved hardware available to be
purchased. If any of you have used something that stands out in your mind as being a superior product and would like to share your pros and
cons with me I would appreciate it. Please include the brand name brand with your response. The particular instruments I am seeking are listed
below, but I am open to all input regarding your experiences, as I am more involved with the control aspect in this matter as opposed to the
chemical end of it. Your expertise will certainly educate me.

1. Conductivity: torodial coil type (sealed), cannot be of the exposed metal probe type.
2. pH:
3. Temperature: Type J

Each should have the following:

1. 4-20 mA output is mandatory
2. Capable of controlling one 120vac device (pump or valve: 1 Amp load)
The TC unit must be able to control heating and cooling, thus two contacts.
3. An onboard display that is scaleable to engineering units would be nice not mandatory.
4. Sealed housing to protect from splashing and preferably not of plastic.

If you are a vendor you should reply directly to my email address instead of this forum as it will needlessly tie up these other folks time and efforts.

Thanks for your help.

Sid Roberts

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