Interfacing of Mark VIe controller with Honeywell HPM


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How i can interface GE Mark-VIe Controller to Honeywell make TDC3000 DCS?

If someone have experienced for interfacing Mark-VIe controller with Honeywell HPM then help me for this regards. I want to communicate Mark-VIe control with TDC3000 (DCS) through Mark-VIe HMI.


MODBUS communications between Mark VIe and Honeywell TDC3000 <b>HAS</b> been done before, but not in the fashion you have described in a previous thread.

You can look at the Mark VIe Speedtronic System Guide, GEH-6721, for some information about MODBUS possibilities.

But you should be working with GE to resolve this problem as they should be able to resolve this problem, either using the method you have described, or using some other method as has been previously discussed.